Welcome to the Music Repair Shop!

Check out our new location: The Music Repair Shop at the Stationery Factory in Dalton. Here in this amazing old mill building you will find Jack’s: JWHandcrafted Guitar Repair and Wood and Leather products & general repair shop, as well as Nick’s Moddjobbs Amplifier service and custom amps & Berkshire Laser Co. products. We also have a selection of strings, parts, and accessories that we sell.

Below you will find more detailed descriptions of these services.

We are located at:
The Stationery Factory
63 Flansburg Ave. Dalton, MA
Mon. – Thu – Fri – Sat 11am-4pm

note: With the world as it currently is, and with just two of us in the shop, our schedules are, though rarely, subject to change. We would encourage you to call ahead to make sure we are in the shop before driving from far.

JW Handcrafted:

Contact us at [email protected] or call: 413-300-1430

Music Instrument Repairs

Jack Waldheim is a full time instrument repairman and part time luthier with 25 years experience!

We can help you with almost anything you need for your instrument. From basic restrings and expert setups, to fret leveling, refretting, any and all electronic repairs and almost any thing else you could need. We also specialize in ‘Hot-Rodding’ your guitar to get the best use of it as a musician! From custom pickups and wiring, to guitar customizations we can partner with you to help you achieve your dream instrument from one you already to own to one scratch!

We specialize in guitars but also fix mandolins, violins, banjos, and almost any other string instruments. And if, for some reason, we can’t do it in house, we can gladly arrange for an outside repair by someone in our network of repairmen and luthiers in the area.

We are proud dealers for Fishman Pickups & Amplifiers and WDMusic Parts & Accessories

Custom Guitars

We make custom guitars! They are awesome! Check them out here! https://jwhandcrafted.com/


We sell our custom made cables here in shop and can customize to any length you need for your studio, stage, or performance needs. We currently stock instrument and microphone cables, make speaker cables to order, and can custom make or order cables for almost any musical needs. (And they come with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee for normal use)

Pedal Boards

Pedal boards are a great way to bring your performance game to the next level. We customize or custom build superb pedal board setups, with very tidy cabling and solutions to make a very clean and effective live setup.


Jack makes a variety of custom leather products including Guitar Straps, Leather Wallets, Stick Bags, Belts, etc. Mostly custom work, we will launch a standard line of guitar straps in the shop soon. Check out leatherwork work here: https://jwhandcrafted.com/custom-leather-products-archive/


We offer many custom woodworking items, especially for the Holiday season. Great gift items including, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, custom picture frames, candleholders, ornaments, personalized signs, and decorative and holiday items. Check out our woodwork page here: https://jwhandcrafted.com/current-items/

General Repairs

It is often better to save something from the past than to throw it away! We can fix many old or antique items. Old wooden toys, toy boxes, family heirlooms, picture frames, small furniture items, antiques, and much more. Have something you would like repaired? Contact us and we can let you know if it is in our capability!


Jack’s associate Nick Winnard has an excellent reputation for his amplifier service. He also builds totally incredible custom amps. (I own two and they are exceptional!) He also makes some heritage replacement amp parts / fiber boards. Check it out / contact him here: https://moddjobbs.com/

Berkshire Laser Co.

Nick also offers a number of products / services with his laser company. Need personalized items? Coffee Mugs, Cups, Laser made Holiday items? Check it out here: https://berkshirelaserco.com/